The Six Items Challenge 2015

The Six Items Challenge – a fashion fast to oppose fast fashion

Find out more about our fantastic fashion challenge designed to raise awareness of issues in the garment industry as well as supporting us with the donations we need.

Congratulations to Alica and Alexandra who won the People Tree prizes for Best Blogger and Top Fundraiser in 2014.


Sign up via our dedicated fundraising website where you will find the challenge rules, tips and information about the garment industry.

The Challenge

Fast Fashion is a relatively new phenomenon where brands change their stock every 4 to 6 weeks to keep up with the very latest fashion trends, at a price which makes the clothes cheap and disposable. 

Fast Fashion is the drive to increase profits and get products into our high street shops faster and faster, to satisfy an insatiable desire for new trends; the drive to sell more, consume more, make more, waste more. This drive has disastrous consequences for the people who make our clothes.

The Six Items Challenge is designed to challenge our increasing reliance on Fast Fashion.

How does it work?

The idea is very simple - select 6 items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only these every day for 6 weeks (or any timescale you choose).  

Don’t panic - you can have unlimited access to underwear, accessories and footwear.  You’re even allowed to use your sportswear or performance gear if you need to maintain a health regime.  But your main items of clothing – dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, jumpers, shirts or cardigans - must remain the same throughout. 

Get creative with your combining… Think what you really love.  What defines you?  You might surprise yourself with your choices but remember to be practical too!

Why the Six items Challenge?

Garment workers don’t have the unlimited choices we have. £3, not much is it? The price of a sandwich, a copy of a fashion magazine or a cheap t-shirt in some of theUK’s leading high street stores. But this amount is double what many workers can earn in a day making clothes for the UK market.

The reality is that UK brands want more and more from their suppliers while giving less and less.  Long hours, daily overtime, poverty wages and unstable job contracts all hamper basic needs such as buying food, healthcare, education and accommodation. 

This is the norm for garment workers across the globe.

Labour Behind the Label don’t advocate boycotting brands as this often has a negative impact on workers, but it is so important to create an awareness of the current situation – consumption needs to slow down, the pressure on workers and the constant precariousness of jobs and wage levels needs to be addressed. 

By exploring this issue through the Six Items Challenge and fundraising for Labour Behind the Label, you can play a vital part in contributing to the work we do in supporting real people in their struggle for better rights and working conditions.

The Challenge starts on February 18th until April 4th 2015.

To register simply head over to the fundraising web pages:

Good luck!

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